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is an innovative 60W high-power USB charging solution for Portable Electronic Devices (PED) of passengers onboard commercial transport aircraft and that is designed with minimising environmental impact in mind and user-centric design.

Meet the future

Ever increasing processing power of Personal Electronic Devices requires high-capacity batteries that in turn requires fast charging solutions.

The legacy and existing onboard high power charging solutions on the market are heavy preventing airlines to choose these systems due to weight budget constraints.

solves this problem by offering 60W charging solution for the weight of 15W charging solutions currently available on the market.

When Power is not a limit

Our product can effectively  high-power consuming devices, like laptops, from each passenger seat on the commercial airlines’ aircraft.

When customer experience matters

Smart and proprietary algorithms running in our equipment will assure there are no power denials to any connected Personal Electronics Device at any time.

When weight matters

Is more than twice lighter than current 60W USB power solutions on the market.

Optimised architecture

For system installation the airframe side wiring is installed only in the front section of passenger cabin, thus reducing aircraft modifications efforts for retrofit installations.

System overview

Smart Outlet Unit

Seat Power Box

Power Management Unit

Smart Outlet Unit

Smart and simple innovative way to provide passengers with universal charging. Supports ALL PEDs during the flight.

Most innovative on the market

Laptop charging accessible to each passenger

USB-C Power Delivery 60W

Visual indication for easy understanding of PEDs charging status.
USB-C with PD Up to 60W power output on demand
USB-A 10.5W power output

Smart Outlet Unit

Available in variety of colours and different configurations.

The size of a smartphone

Seat Power Box converts aircraft 115VAC, 400 Hz, electrical power to 28 VDC power for Smart Outlet Units.

Lightest on the market

Innovations and experience utilised in development of Seat Power Box dramatically reduced the size and weight of the component

Smallest on the market

World’s smallest, lightest and thinnest 200W Seat Power Box with enhanced protection and reliable performance

Management Unit

Smart and Intelligent power management to optimize the available aircraft power to connected PEDs.

Smart power management

The smart power management algorithm provides maximum power availability at each power outlet unit.

Micro SD card slot for storing configuration file of system installation
Smart and Intelligent power management to optimize the available aircraft power to connected PEDs
Smart diagnostics feature enables to track the logs of critical events during the operation of USB power supply system

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